Due to the school closures and partial reopening of schools between March 2020 and July 2020, the Key Stage 2 Standardised Assessment Tests were cancelled. At the point of the school closure, our predications for our end of Key Stage 2 assessments were as follows: 

  • Writing EXS: 82% (9/11) 
  • Writing GDS: 18% (2/11)
  • Reading EXS: 91% (10/11)
  • Reading GDS: 36% (4/11)
  • Maths EXS: 82% (9/11)
  • Maths GDS: 18% (2/11)
  • EXS in RWM: 72% (8/11)

EXS – Meeting the Expected Standard

GDS – Working at Greater Depth

You can visit the School Performance Tables here.  Or the information on this page.

Due to our small cohort size of ten, our 2018 KS2 SATs results could not be published publicly.

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