Welcome to Squirrel’s remote learning. Click the links below to access this week’s home learning.

Separate English and Maths activities will be uploaded underneath each week. Remember, encourage children to complete a daily manageable amount of the work: we have uploaded a very ambitious package and do not expect every child to complete every activity. We do not want to add any additional pressures and stress to family life. The most important thing is that families remain happy and healthy during this difficult time. These activities will also be uploaded on to Class DoJo. 

Additional Websites
100 Amazing Things for you to do at Home

There is no expectation to print out any of the sheets that we have uploaded. Each one can be downloaded and then accessed from a PC or laptop screen – please think about the environment before printing anything out.



Squirrels Home Learning Packs!

Geography tasks for Spring Term 1

Squirrels Home Learning WC 01-03-21