Welcome to Hedgehog’s remote learning. Click the links below to access home learning.

Welcome to Hedgehog’s remote learning page.  We would suggest a daily routine of around 20 minutes for phonics, 30 minutes for writing and maths and around 15 mins reading.  Please don’t get too hung up on timings though, the idea is to learn whilst developing a love of learning and enjoying the ‘subjects’ for what they are.  We will upload a few different activities each week.

Remember, our Reception children spend a greater amount of time at school learning through play within The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. We have uploaded two documents (see below) to assist parents of Reception children. Although we will upload weekly activities, feel free to direct your Reception child’s learning through their interests and work towards the Early Learning Goals.

EYFS – Early Learning Goals Parent and Carers Guide

EYFS – Activities to Try at Home

Please see here for phonics guidance. This guidance will remain the same through the school closure and parents are to support their child in working through the program which has been laid out.

Phase 2 Sound Mat
Phase 3 Sound Mat
Phase 4 Sound Mats
Phase 5 Sound Mat
Phonics Guidance for Parents 

Separate English and Maths activities will be uploaded underneath each week. Remember, encourage children to complete a daily manageable amount of the work: we have uploaded a very ambitious package and do not expect every child to complete every activity. We do not want to add any additional pressures and stress to family life. The most important thing is that families remain happy and healthy during this difficult time.

Additional Websites
100 Amazing Things for you to do at Home

There is no expectation to print out any of the sheets that we have uploaded. Each one can be downloaded and then accessed from a PC or laptop screen – please think about the environment before printing anything out.

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Year 1 Mon 20th – Thurs 23rd July

Year 2 Mon 20th – Thurs 23rd July