Meet the staff of Cardinham School, and discover where their love of reading began!

Mr D Jones – Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENDCo, Fox Class Teacher

When growing up, I always remember being read The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. Each night, I was so excited to hear the next chapter and to find out what magical land was above the tree next. I also remember reading Holes by Louis Sacher in Year 6. I thought the characters were fantastic and I enjoyed how the book flicked between the past and present. It kept me guessing right up until the final chapter too!


Mr T Wilson – Designated Safeguarding Deputy, Hedgehog Class Teacher

My favourite book as a child was The Awful Egyptians Horrible Histories book by Terry Deary. I had never been really in to reading as a child, as I preferred to be outside kicking a ball around and playing with my friends. This all changed when I read The Awful Egyptians. I never knew history could be so exciting, and, well, horrible! This kick started my enjoyment of reading and history, both of which I still love to this day. If anyone enjoys the Horrible Histories television programme, then I’d strongly recommend picking up on of these books, as they contain that magic mixture of learning, laughter and fun!

Mrs D Ashley – Designated Safeguarding Deputy, Hedgehog Class Teacher

I have always loved reading and being completely immersed into a different world or way of life that feels very real when you are reading it. When I was growing up I loved to read books by Roald Dahl. His books were always so imaginative and funny. My favourite story was Charlie and the Chocolate factory and I use to hope that one day someone would create a real life chocolate river! My children are now reading Roald Dahl and I still love listening to the stories.

Miss H Toms – Squirrel Class Teacher

My favourite story when I was growing up was ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. This is the book that made enjoy reading so much. As a child it took me into another world of feelings and ideas – how to face danger, how to have hope, what despair, fear, love, anger, jeopardy and the rest feel like, and much more. Out of this reading came wisdom and a love of books never went away

Miss Hepworth

Miss G Hepworth – Deer and Fox Class Teacher

As a young child my favourite book was Laura’s Star by Klaus Baumgart. The story helped me cure my fear of the dark as whenever I got scared I would think of Laura and her friend the star and remember that all the stars in the sky were watching over me, like a friend. As I grew older I fell in love with The Animal Ark books by Lucy Daniels. I used to beg my parents to become vets so I could experience, love and help all the animals just like the main character in the books, Mandy does.

Miss D Pickett – Deer and Fox Class Teaching Assistant

My favourite childhood book is Dogger, I loved it because I had a had a little brown dog that I too used to take everywhere just like Dave did. My dog was called Bobby I don’t know when I got him but my earliest memory of him was when I was 3, I’m 43 now and still have my little dog. If I had lost Bobby I would have been as upset as Dave when he lost Dogger.

Miss S Hooke – Hedgehog Class Teaching Assistant

One of my favourite books as a child was ‘The Island of Adventure’ by Enid Blyton. I loved the excitement and adventure in this story because it was full of suspense and every page would make me want to read on! 

Mrs C Butler – Hedgehog Class Teaching Assistant

My favourite book from when I was a child is The Wind in the Willows written by Kenneth Grahame. The story captured my imagination with the wonderful characters and I just loved the riverbank, wild wood and toad hall. The way in which all their friendships were formed and how they lived in their little homes and the mystical wild wood. I used to love walking along the riverbank looking out for a glimpse of Ratty and Mole! Probably why I love the great outdoors today. I have read this book every Christmas since I was little and still do today, it’s become a tradition of mine. 

Mrs S Tucker – Hedgehog Class HLTA

I loved the series of The Borrowers by Mary Norton. It followed the adventures of a family of miniature people. I was fascinated by the beautiful  illustrations showing their ingenious use of everyday objects such as clothes pegs and matchboxes. The books sparked my  7 year old imagination to make a miniature world using things I found at home, my greatest creation being a complete teaset made from acorn cups and buttons. I enjoyed the film which was produced some years later but it couldn’t replace the magic of the original book.

Miss R Heartwood – Fox Class Teaching Assistant

My favourite book as a child was The Worst Witch series by Jill Murphy. I loved the theme of unbreakable friendship, and the excitement of magic and adventure. I also liked that the main character was truly believable, because she was extremely clumsy – just like me!

Mrs A Stockman – Squirrel Class HLTA

My favourite childhood book was The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck by Beatrix Potter. I enjoyed animal stories, especially stories with animals that could be found in the area where I grew up. I loved the excitement of stories with heroes and villains! I also loved all the beautiful illustrations.

Miss K Harding – Squirrel Class Teaching Assistant

My favourite childhood story was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl because it is full of fun, and colourful imaginative details. I often thought that I wouldn’t have minded getting the chance to go to that kind of chocolate factory to have some fun!

Mrs C Smith – Meal Time Assistant and Teaching Assistant

Miffy and Babar the Elephant were my favourite books when I was very young. I loved the illustrations and have very fond memories of special individual time spent listening to my mum or dad read them to me. Although I continued to enjoy reading I didn’t get the ‘reading bug’ properly until I read a book from an episode of the television series ‘Saphire and Steel’. It was a supernatural sci-fi/fantasy story and reading it was far more exciting and evocative than watching the television programme. I can still remember the thrill I felt and anticipation of turning each page. I was totally captivated. It made me realise how enthralling and interesting reading could be and it set me off on a lifetime of reading for pleasure.  

Mrs A Renals – School Chef

My favourite childhood books were the Famous 5 books by Enid Blyton.  I loved reading about all their exciting and mysterious adventures!  My children read these books too – and I still have them at home, so maybe my Grandchildren will also enjoy them!