Key Documents


Our aim at Cardinham School is to enable pupils to enjoy enrichment experiences, develop rich vocabulary and to respect diversity and individuality. The teaching of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) is an important part of this. We aim to inspire curiosity and a love of languages that pupils will strengthen and develop as they progress through our school. Pupils should be able to extend their knowledge of how language works and explore the differences between how the French and English languages are structured.


The focus language at Cardinham School is French. Our MFL curriculum has been designed to cover all of the objectives as set out in the National Curriculum in relation to the French language. The curriculum has been planned and sequenced as a progression of units using the ‘Lightbulb Languages’ schemes of work. These units introduce new vocabulary to pupils, allowing them the opportunity to apply, consolidate and build on this as each unit progresses.


MFL assessment is ongoing throughout each module to inform future planning, lesson activities and differentiation. An objective tracker is used to inform leaders of school improvements or skills that need to be further enhanced. Pupil voice is also used to enable leaders to assess the impact of the MFL curriculum and whether pupils know more and remember more examples of French vocabulary.