On Tuesday 6th July we had a ‘French Day’ in which we immersed ourselves in all things French. The day started with us all coming in dressed in the colours of the French Flag; Red, White and Blue. Mr Wilson really got into the spirit of things with his beret and string of garlic round his neck.


Angela, our chef, also got into the spirit of things, and cooked ‘escargot’ for lunch.  She said the snails were escaping all over the kitchen…!


We had to remain in our Class bubbles, but the teachers did the moving around giving us a taster of France. Our first activity was making French Toast with Mr Wilson. In groups we made an eggy/creamy mixture then dipped in slices of Brioche before Mr Wilson fried them in a pan on a camping stove. Yummy! Some of us ate it plain, some with a sprinkling of icing sugar and some with berries.



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Next, we learnt numbers in French with Mr Jones. We counted to 100 in French then wrote some number sentences before having a maths competition which ended in a draw.


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After lunch we were joined by Miss Hepworth who showed us how to make the Eiffel Tower from newspaper. Again, in groups we made some super structures.


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To end the day, we had a taste of French cuisine with ‘pain au chocolat’.