We have outlined the curriculum at Cardinham school below.  To find out more, please feel free to ask any member of staff, or make an appointment with your child’s teacher.

The Curriculum

The subjects which compromise our curriculum are:

The   ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ Curriculum 

Which provides opportunities for learning through open ended Continuous Provision, which is supported by adults.  See our ‘planning in the moment’ learning displays in the classroom to see what exciting learning we have been doing!

Core subjects (from the National Curriculum):





Religious Education (RE) – The Cornwall Syllabus, using Understanding Christianity materials.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Foundation subjects (from the National Curriculum):

History             Geography                  Design and Technology (DT)

Art and Design            Physical Education (PE) including swimming

Computing (IT)            Modern Foreign Language – French (MFL)                  Music

At Cardinham Primary School we have devised a creative curriculum that we hope will inspire our children to become lifelong learners. Our foundation subjects follow the National Curriculum objectives and are taught through whole school topics. We choose our topics on a three yearly cycle and take into consideration the interest of our pupils, the links within our community and the current trends and themes. Our topics for each class are below:

Hedgehog class curriculum map

Squirrel class curriculum map 

Squirrel class curriculum map year B 

Fox class curriculum map


Each topic follows the same process:

  • stunning start to hook in our learners.
  • Trips & visits to make learning memorable.
  • A fabulous finish to make the learning of the children purposeful.

Learning to Read at Cardinham School

Reading is given high priority at Cardinham Primary School; no other skill is more important than reading. It is the gateway to all other knowledge. If children do not learn to read efficiently, the path is blocked to every subject they encounter in their school years. Moreover, reading for pleasure, often and with enthusiasm, lays the foundations for life; you interact, react, empathise and understand the tools to express yourself and interpret life.  

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” — Dr. Seuss

Children read one to one with an adult and are provided with books appropriate to their reading ability from a range of reading schemes. The children work their way through the ‘book bands’. This allows the children to demonstrate their ability to word read and understand a text. 

We have developed a reading program of high quality books that each teacher will share with the class.  This ensures that all pupils will have shared over 50 classic (and new classic) high quality texts with their teachers by the time they leave in Year 6.  Click the link below for our Shared reading program.

Shared Reading Program

Phonics at Cardinham School

High quality, systematic phonic work (learning to recognise letters and sounds to use in reading and spelling) is taught daily in Reception and Key Stage One using the ‘Phonics Bug’ programme, along with Jolly Phonics rhymes and sounds.  This includes oral and auditory phonics practice. Children learn the relevant GPCs, blending and segmenting skills and spelling rules for their phase. 

If you wish to find out more, please feel free to speak to your child’s class teacher.