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Welcome to Owl Class!

Webpage for Welcome to Owl Class

Tree hoop

We found one tree in our hoop!

hoop in the field

Counting plants in the field.

hedge in the woods


We found children in one hoop!

woods hoop

Counting plants in the woods


Counting plants in the hedge

Lantern Making

Lantern Making

Lantern Making

Lantern Making

Lantern Making

Lantern Making

Lantern Making

Portrait Work

Portrait Work

Portrait Work

Portrait Work

Portrait Work

Portrait Work

Portrait Work

Latest News

New Class Topic  (24/04/2018)
This term we will be learning about food around the world. We have started with a close look at fruit, in pastels, charcoal and 3D, and looked at where it from, placed it on maps and learned about continents.
We are very excited about the learning we will be working on this term!

January 2018  (15/01/2018)
We are excited to be looking at a whole school topic this term. We will be learning what goes on "Under The Sea". In Owl Class the children have given us their ideas for learning, so we will be investigating lots of sea creatures, learning about Noah's Ark, and learning some sea songs.

We started our topic by doing lots of art. Do pop into the classroom one morning to see all of their hard work.

November 2017  (09/11/2017)
Our new topic is all about shadows, light and dark. The children have already been enjoying some fascinating science work, carefully observing changes in each others eyes, and are excited to be making some shadow puppets in art to link with our English work.

2017/18  (01/11/2017)
A huge welcome to the new academic year! This year our wonderful Owl Class consists of Y2, 3 and 4. Our first topic is 'Art on your Doorstep' and this has involved us looking at the work of the incredible sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Mid September, Owl Class took the train down to St Ives to visit The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden. It was a fantastic day out.

Our Visit to Bodmin Jail  (14/03/2017)
Matilda Wrote-
On Wednesday 8th March my class went to the shire Hall for the Courtroom Experience, because our topic is ‘The Good, the bad and the ugly’.
First a kind lady told us about a boy named Matthew, who was found guilty of murdering a young defenceless girl called Charlotte. After that we went into the courtroom and watched Matthews court case being handled, and pressed a button to vote whether we thought he was guilty or not guilty. Then we visited the rusted cells. After that we strolled down town towards Bodmin Jail. When we finally got there, we ate our delicious lunch. A lovely man called Chris gave us a very long talk about where people slept around the jail, and how the people moved to different jails. Soon after that we went deep down to the basement. We found a tread wheel which didn’t work anymore because it had rusted and was very old. Chris told us how it worked and what happened if you were to fall over. We also went into the boiler room and learned how the Victorians stole an idea from the Romans to have under floor heating. Later we went upstairs to a purple room and we were told about the air vents and what the prisoners would have in their cells- a bucket, a bed and a bible. We wandered around and I saw a ghost- Then we went outside and saw Bob being hanged, and saw what it would look like if we were hanged! Lastly we did a difficult quiz then went home.
Noah Wrote- At 9.30am we experienced the trial of Matthew Weeks. Was he guilty? He was hanged. After I went to Bodmin Jail. We sat with our friends and had lunch. Later on I saw a man cage. They trapped people’s legs. I thought it was cruel because they couldn’t move. Lastly I went home.

Autumn Term 1 - Where does my food go?  (14/10/2016)
Owl Class have made a great start to this academic year. They thoroughly enjoyed the 'Where does my food go?' topic, especially as they had the opportunity to create the digestion system, which was very messy! They completed some fantastic literacy, science and art work as part of this topic. Great work Owls!

Tennis Festival at the Dragon Centre  (29/04/2016)
This coming Tuesday (May 3rd) all of Owl class will be attending a tennis festival at the Dragon Centre.
We will need to arrive at the Dragon Centre for 1pm and so will need to leave Cardinham by 12:40.
The festival is due to finish at 3pm and children will need to be picked up from the Dragon Centre at this time.
If you are able to help transport children to the Dragon Centre on Tuesday, please let Mr Chorlton know.

Owl Class' Art Gallery a great success!  (12/02/2016)
The whole of Owl Class invited parents and other relatives to see their art work on January 29th as the big finish to our topic on art and artists.
The children were able to sell their work to raise a grand total of £32.40 to spend on something for the class.

Farm and Country Day - Winners  (18/06/2015)
After attending the Farm and Country Day at The Royal Cornwall Show in March, Owl Class entered a writing and art competition where they were required to portray what the countryside meant to them. Owl Class' entry was described as 'heads and shoulders above the rest' and they were selected as the winners! Casey and Henry accepted the award on behalf of the class, at the Royal Cornwall Show on Friday 5th June. The award was presented to them by HRH Princess Alexandra. Well done Owls! Everyone at Cardinham School is so proud of you!

Courtroom Experience and Bodmin Jail  (04/03/2015)
On Monday 2nd March, Owl Class visited the Courtroom Experience and Bodmin Jail. At the courtroom, the children found out about the murder of Charlotte Dymond on Bodmin Moor, then they watched the trial of Matthew Weeks who allegedly killed her. At Bodmin Jail they had an exciting tour and thoroughly enjoyed exploring all six floors of the historical building. The children learned lots of interesting facts to support our topic based on crime and punishment.

African Drumming Lessons  (02/03/2015)
Owl Class are thoroughly enjoying their African drumming lessons, taught by Music specialist Anna Minear. The children have learned to play different rhythms on the drums and in addition they have learned call and response chants. Their challenge this week is to put the rhythms and the chant together as easy as patting your head and rubbing your belly!

Dragons: Fact or Fiction?  (23/01/2015)
Our new unit of worked based on dragons is exciting, engaging and very enjoyable! The children are fully immersed in the topic and they have learnt lots about different types of dragons. In Literacy, they have enjoyed reading legends about dragons and writing news reports about dragon sightings! In art they have created mixed-media dragon pictures and are in the process of creating stained glass windows. History, geography, music, French and aspects of maths have also been taught through our wonderful topic! This week, thanks to a member of Owl Class, we even had a visit from a bearded dragon!

Were the Dark Ages dark?  (05/10/2014)
Owl Class are beginning a new Inspire Unit this week called 'Were the Dark Ages dark? The unit is packed full of interesting and exciting learning activities!
Some of the highlights include reading myths and legends from Britain and Scandinavia, learning about the acrchaelogical treasures found in the Sutton Hoo burial mound in Suffolk, studying the Bayeux Tapestry and then creating a tapestry of their own, learning about the physical and human geography of Iceland and studying the instruments that Anglo-Saxon and Viking musicians would have played. Pictures and examples of work will follow soon!

School Council Representatives  (15/09/2014)
Today, those children who wished to represent their year group on the school council wrote speeches which they presented to the class. Each year group then voted for their year group representatives.
In Year 3, Kitty is the main representative and Isobel is the deputy.
In Year 4, Casey is the main representative and William is the deputy.

A new term, a new topic  (15/09/2014)
Every member of Owl Class has returned to school full of energy and enthusiasm! The children are especially enjoying their new classroom and everyone is working exceptionally hard.

We have fully adopted the Inspire Curriculum now and our first unit is called 'Where does my food go?'
In Science, Owl Class have been learning about the digestive system. Last week they created their own digestive system using everyday objects. It was very messy but it really helped the children to understand how food is digested.

Art on your Doorstep  (09/06/2014)
At Cardinham Primary School we are currently trialling the Inspire Curriculum, developed by Cornwall Learning. As part of Owl Class' topic 'Art on your Doorstep' we have been learning about the extremely talented and inspirational sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Today we travelled to St Ives by train to visit Tate, St Ives and the Barbara Hepworth Museum to experience Barbara's artworks first hand. The children particularly enjoyed the sculpture workshop where they had the opportunity to learn a lot about the life and artworks of Barbara Hepworth, explore her sculpture garden, make sketches of her work and then have a go at making sculptures from a range of materials including card, art straws, pipe cleaners, string and modelling clay.

Weather topic - very topical!  (25/02/2014)
Owl Class have been studying the weather this term. With all the terrible storms that have been hitting the south west of late we certainly haven't been short of material to talk about!

We kicked off the topic with the children telling us about countries they have visited whilst on holiday with their families. We discovered that Owl Class are very well travelled, with one pupil having travelled as far as Australia so we were able to learn a lot from each other.

The children have been writing weather forecasts for Cornwall, the UK and the world. In Literacy they have written fabulous weather poems using the full range of poetic techniques. They have also shown their creative flair by producing some fabulous weather art work.

After half term the children are going to have their work cut when they are asked to become travel agents! All of the staff at Cardinham are getting very fed up with the wet and windy Cornish weather and want to book a getaway for the Easter holidays which the children are in charge of planning! Be warned children, some members of staff are very fussy!

We are also going to be on the look out for Owl Class' photographer of the year with our weather photograph competition. Wrap up warm and get snapping children!

A sing-a-long with Mr Vincent  (12/02/2014)
On Tuesday 11th February, Owl and Buzzard Class were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Mr Vincent, a music teacher at Bodmin College. The children are currently learning three songs to sing at the Russell Collins Memorial Concert, at Petroc's Church, on the evening of Friday 28th March, along with other local schools. We are very much looking forward to the concert!

Owl Class become poets!  (12/02/2014)
Owl Class have been developing their poetry writing skills this half term. Most recently they have been writing monster adventure narrative poems for the Young Writer's competition. The children have used an excellent range of poetic techniques including adjectives, alliteration, similes and metaphors. The children's finished poems will soon be available in the class work section.


We will be reading around the world this term, and children will be able to earn stamps on a family passport. A prize will go to the family with the most stamps in July!

We have introduced a 'reading menu' to spice up your reading at home. If you haven't received a paper copy, please ask. There is a pdf version below.

Wow! What fanastic work you have been completing at home Owls! Mrs Grant and Mrs Pemberton are so impressed with the standard of work. Well done! New homework grids will be sent out on Wednesday 8th November.

Homework Grid.docx
74.19 kb

owl reading hw Nov.pdf
163.69 kb

Information for Parents

Spring term topic: Under the Sea

PE on Mondays and Sofadodger on Fridays.

Autumn Term 2: Shadow Dancer

Autumn Term 1: Art on your Doorstep

Meet the Team

Owl_Class photo
Mrs Grant and Mrs Pemberton are the class teachers. Miss Hooke is our very talented TA and we are joined by Miss Nute, this term too.


"Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities make at least similar progress as others and sometimes better because of the effective additional support they need." - Ofsted